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Time                              Activities

 10:45 – 11:00             Check-in

Registration is available here (The link is available SCB Nepal Facebook, Twitter ). Please contact at photoconference.conbio@gmail.com for a link)

OPENING SESSION (11:00-12:20)

10:45 – 11:00             Check-in

Chair: Dr. Prakash Kumar Paudel, President, SCB Nepal

11:00 – 11:15           Welcome and Program Highlights

                               Mr. Ambika Prasad Khatiwada, Secretary, SCB Nepal

                               Photo Conference Coordinator

 11:15-11:20             An Overview of SCB & SCB Nepal: Getting Involved

                             Bharat Babu Shrestha, Vice President, SCB Nepal

11:20-11:50             Keynote-Research: Liking science and practices in biodiversity conservation

Dr. Madhav Karki

                               Distinguished Fellow, CGED-Nepal

11:50-12:20             Keynote-Practitioner: Biodiversity conservation at frontline: Experiences from field  

Mr. Ramesh Thapa

                               Former Warden, Bardia National Park, Nepal

 12:20 – 12:30         Break


Technical Sessions

Session A

12:30 – 13:00           Realizing Biodiversity: Species, Ecosystems and Services

Chair                         Dr. Krishna Prasad Acharya, Former Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Government of Nepal

 41-38-AG-SEB-1        Aasish Gurung

Leopard Rewilding Project

 100-121-L-SEB-1       Lila

 Retain 4Ds to conserve biodiversity

 44-40-SN-SEB-1        Sajal Niroula

The Himalayan Trinket

 56-52-RN-SEB-1        Rajish Nakarmi

                                    Story of Jatayu

31-30-KG-SEB-1        Kamal Raj Gosai

God, how long is our habitat going to be conserved?

 14-13-NP-SEB-3        Nikeet Pradhan

Mobbing the predator

 35-34-SM-SEB-1        Shushila Mahatara

Look at me!

 93-113-BT-SEB-2       Bhumi Tharu

Green Pit Viper

83-102-AR-SEB-3       Ambika Regmi

                             Himalayan forest deweller, Musk deer.

 5-04-BB-SEB-1           Badri Baral

                             तिमी छौ पो बाँचेको छु

13:00 – 13:10         Break


Session B

13:10 13:40        Harmonizing People and Biodiversity: Coexistence

Chair                         Dr. Naresh Subedi, Program Manager, National Trust for Nature Conservation

 20-21-RG-PCC-1          Rohit Giri

                                    Urban Ecosystem: Snakes and the City

 74-84-SB-PCC-1        Prashant Ghimire

                               Co-existence in Human-Dominated Landscape”

 52-51-DR-PCC-1       Durlav Rayamajhi

                             Intrusion or Co-existence?

 19-20-RK-PCC-1       Ramesh Kathariya

                             Wetlands are an integral part of human livelihood

28-28-SM-PCC-1        Sarouz Magar

                             Kulekhani; Markhu bhede farming

 96-118-MR-PCC-2      Manoj Regmi

                             A journey of faith

 4-03-AS-PCC-1          Ashmita Shrestha

                             A normal day of fishermen in Saptakoshi River

 49-44-DY-PCC-1     Dristy Yatri

                             The natural sweepers

 45-41-BP-PCC-1         Bimal Pradhan

                                    Villagers fishing at Kothiyaghat river, Bardiya

 98-119-MK-PCC-2      Manisha Karki

                                  Wetlands are repository of biodiversity 


 13:40 –  13:50         Break

Session C

13:50 14:20           Future of Biodiversity: Threats and Challenges 

Chair                         Dr. Kiran Paudel, President, President Chure Tarai-Madhesh Conservation Development Board

 78-96-DT-THB-1      Dibya Thapa

                             What is our responsibility?

 39-35-SP-THB-1        Sujan Prakash Pradhan (SP. Pradhan)

                                    Woman spreading fertilizer over paddy field

 43-39-MS-THB-1       Mohan Shrestha

                                    Electricity-A boon to human while death trap to birds

 60-72-LS-THB-1        Laxu Sapkota

                                    Tech Trap

 29-29-KP-THB-1        Kribina Pathak

                                    Chemical Estrange

 88-107-NM-THB-1   Newton Maharjan

                                    It was plastic where fish could not breath

 59-71-GS-THB-3     Gobinda Singh

                                  स्थानिय बजार तथा ब्यक्तिहरुबाट कब्जा गरिएका गुलेलीहरु फलामे तथा अन्य पासाहरु

 79-98-SP-THB-1        Sushma Poudel

                                    Overharvesting: Cause of barren land & biodiversity threats

 9-06-BB-THB-1         Bhuwan Singh Bista

                                    Grey langurs (Semnopithecus entellus) 

 61-75-JP-THB-1        Jamuna Prajapati

                             Connecting with local people for conservation of wildlife

  14:20-14:30               Break


Session D

14:30 15:00        Protecting Flagship Species: Year of Tiger  2022

Chair                         Dr. Kanchan Thapa

Head of Wildlife Program, WWF Nepal

99-120-AS-YOT-1      Additya Shrestha

                             Encounter with the mighty animal: Tiger

8-06-BB-YOT-1         Bhuwan Singh Bista

                             Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris)

 36-34-SM-YOT-2       Shushila Mahatara

                               A pack of jackals

46-41-BP-YOT-1        Bimal Pradhan

                                    A favorable habitat for Tigers at Bardiya National Park

 37-34-SM-YOT-3       Shushila Mahatara

                                    Majestic leopard

  47- 43-PD-YOT-1     Pratyush Dhungana 

                                 Blackbuck Reintroduction: Conservation or Confinement?

 48-46-NS-YOT-1       Nischal Shrestha

                             Beauty of Babai

 94-113-BT-YOT-3      Bhumi Tharu

The locked horn of Blackbuckcaptured inside the Blackbuck Conservation Area, Khairapur

 91-111-SD-YOT-1      Saru Dhakal

                             Flaunting feathers

Award ceremony and concluding session [15:00— 15:15]

15:00-15:10               Award Evaluation Process: Dr. Krishna Prasad Acharya

15:10-15:15               Winner Announcement and Closing remarks

                                   Dr. Prakash K. Paudel, President SCB Nepal