Abstract Submission Guideline

We will be accepting abstracts for the respective photo submissions from February 10, 2021, to April 10, 2021.

While the photos can be submitted via an E-mail to photoconference.conbio@gmail.com , the abstracts need to be submitted through the registration form, which is available here.

The selected participants need to present the abstract on the day of the conference (June 05, 2021), for which the template is available under the presentation guidelines.

The participants are requested to follow the below-mentioned guideline strictly. In case of any confusions, please contact us via photoconference.conbio@gmail.com 


Abstract Submission Guidelines: 

    • The title should be less than 12 words.
    • The abstract must be prepared and submitted in English.
    • The body of the abstract should be less than 100 words written in clear and concise language.
    • The abstract should be based on the thematic area under which the photos are submitted weaving together characters, events, locations, and subjects behind the photo.
    • In the case of multiple photo submissions, abstracts are required for ALL the photos.
    • Photographers should present the abstract if accepted, on the day of the conference.
    • The total file (Abstract + Photo) size should be 5MB or less.

* Please note that the abstract and the respective photo can be rejected if:

    1. The submission does not match the thematic areas.
    2. It is verified that the submission is not the original work of the participant.
    3. The abstract does not match the photo submission.
    4. The submission does not follow the mentioned guideline.
    5. The submission has use of offensive or vulgar language towards any individual, community, or organization.